Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Liechtenstein Castle

I tried, really I tried. I had a subject all planed, I had pictures and I was doing research. But, at the last minuet, yesterday afternoon, I decided not to do the post. I had very good reasons, and I am glad that I am not going to do it. So, that meant that I didn't have a blog post.

Finding a cool castle isn't difficult, my Ever Faithful List of Castles makes that easy, very easy. It is just hard to do a good post in a small amount of time. And I didn't even have a tiny amount of time. I spent the evening looking for a cool-looking castle that didn't have to much information that I could do a post on.

That is when I saw Liechtenstein Castle. I had seen it before (There is a picture of if on the left side of my blog.), but I didn't do a post on it because I could find hardly any information on it, information in English, that is.

Do you remember
Lichtenstein Castle? Well, I found it whilst I was looking up Liechtenstein Castle, the only difference is an 'e' after the first 'i'.

Liechtenstein ("bright stone") Castle is located near Maria Enzersdorf in Lower Austria bordering Vienna. It is near the edge of the Wienerwald a Viennese forest. It was originally built during the 12th century, but it was destroyed by the Ottomans in 1529 and 1683. The castle remained in ruins until
it was rebuilt 1884.

Today, the castle is mainly known for the Nestroy Theatre Festival held annually during the summer months. The castle is currently closed to visitors.

I think that the castle is quite spectacular looking, very tall and grand.


Anonymous said...

It does look impressive. :)

~ A.K. ~

Julie said...

:) Doesn't it though? :D

Unknown said...

i must tell you something, this cannot wait a moment more...
you are absolutely beautiful!

Unknown said...

i have been thinking about making renovations to an abandoned castle in the United States, it's the unimpressive Kimball Castle in New Hampshire...however, I be a po' boy with a flower and a few pennies, and no gal to call my own.

Unknown said...

so...which is your favorite?

Julie said...

Well, Unknown, thank you for the nice complement. I think Mont Saint Michel is my favorite.

PrinceNightingale said...

hey! right on! that is my favorite as well. I hadn't known the name of it.