Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nehaj Fortress

Nehaj Fortress

I had absolutely no clue how it should be pronounced, but, thanks to Google, I learned that, in Serbo-Croatian,
aj is said ay as in kayak. And the h is the ch/ck sound in loch. So, nay-ch-aye would be my best guess. If its wrong I apologize greatly.

Now that that is out of the way, I might as well tell you about it. Nehaj Fortress is located in Senj, Croatia ( 44.986°N 14.903°E). As those of you who read By Castle and River know, I have a strange sort of fondness for Croatia, and I was wanting to do a post on a castle from there. They have some
really cool-looking castles, by the way.

So, I looked around and I found Nehaj.

A view from one of the windows. I love the cream buildings with the orange tile roofs.

Nehaj Fortress was built in 1558, under the command of Ivan Lenkovic, captain and general of the Croatian army, and Captain Herbert the 8th, to provide defense against the Ottoman-Turks.

The fortress is 18 meters (roughly 59 feet) tall and 23 meters (roughly 75 feet) wide. It is square; the corners point to the four corners of the world.

It is a museum now, open to the public.

It has a very good website, despite a few typos. It has lots of information, complete history, a neat photo gallery with pictures of the aria surrounding the fortress, and lots of other stuff:

I like this place better, it is clearer and easier to read, but the sites say basically the same thing:

This one is very good, it has different information and is easy to read:

And so, in doing a blog post, I find yet another place I want to visit.


Anonymous said...

Who knew Croatia had so many cool spots! The interior of the castle looked pretty neat. I loved that cauldron hanging over the pretend fire in the center of the room. All it needed was a big wooden rocking chair. Ah, the life. I also found the lady in the bikini (at the top of the first link's page) a sight. But, alas, I had to avert mine eyes and proceed to the next link. You never know what you are going to find in Croatia...

Thank you for adding some culture to our lives, Julie.


Julie said...

Yeah...I found the bikini a bit odd too...

Anyhow, isn't the fortress great! And you are welcome, I am very glad to add a bit of culture here and there. :)

Oh! Thank you for fallowing the links! I was kinda worried that people wouldn't and would miss so much about Senj and Nehaj. Thanks! :)