Thursday, May 6, 2010

Citadel and Fortress...

Dunnottar Castle, Scotland

Greetings, Friend, and salutations. I have been bloging (I don't like that word.) for several months now, on my other, main, blog,
By Castle and River, which is devoted to almost all the things that I love. And now, as you see, I have a new, somewhat lesser blog, called Citadel and Fortress. It is devoted entirely to castles. I have high hopes that Citadel will be most informative and enjoyable. If this is starting to sound like a school text book, don't worry: it won't be.

Klis Fortress, Croatia

Citadel may look a bit pitiful right now, so, think of it as a little bird, a hatching with no feathers, yet. Give it time, my Friend, give it time and it will grow.

Mont Saint Michel Spire, France

Each post will be on a different castle and I hope,
hope that is, to do a post roughly once a week. I think I just realized why I didn't do an "introduction post" on my other blog: I'm not very good at it. Fear not, though; I am better at writing when I know what I am saying and I will know, mostly, what I am saying when I am doing my posts.


The Night Writer said...

I have already learned many wonderful things from what is shown By Castle and River, and I greatly anticipate this new place will have to offer. Good luck and great thanks!

Anonymous said...

It would be cool to live in a castle by the ocean...