Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Castles in Hungary

Castle in Visegrád

For this Wednesday, I am going to do a post, as the title implies, on castles in Hungary.

They are rather diverse, yet each one is cool or interesting in its own way.

Csesznek Castle

Boldogkőváralja Castle

Tata Castle

Somló Castle

Siklós Castle

Gyula Castle

Sirok Castle

Hollókő Castle

Bory Castle

Esztergom Castle

Kisnána Castle

Somoskő Castle

I like all of these castles. Each one I find very neat, but this last one is my favorite.

Have a neat day!


Anonymous said...

These are so gorgeous! I Love the views and especially the structures. There is just something awe-inspiring about castles.


Anonymous said...

The castles are beautiful. I really like that you could find these pictures.


The castles are beautiful. Thank you for the pictures.


Julie said...

Yes, M, they are very awe-inspiring!

Thank-you, Charis and Danielle! I am glad that you like them! :)